Our mission

According to a recent scientific discovery, which was proven globally with comprehensive research, obesity, along with insulin resistance and diabetes, which evolve due to overweight, are caused by maleficentintestinal bacteria.

Our mission is to provide customised healing solutions to our patients by utilising the results of the latest scientific research in order to support them in successfully fighting overweight and the diseases that evolve as a consequence of obesity (insulin resistance, then the evolving diabetes type 2, high blood pressure, bowel problems, etc.).

More than 2 kilogrammes of intestinal bacteria can be found in the intestinal system of an average human body. These can be divided into beneficial and maleficent intestinal bacteria. In the event of inappropriate nutrition, quickly absorbing carbohydrates “feed” maleficent intestinal bacteria, so those proliferate in our body, which has serious negative consequences, causing several metabolic diseases.

Currently no medication is available against maleficent intestinal bacteria, but it has been scientifically proven that diseases evolving due to obesity can be reverted by means of a healthy diet and regular physical activity.

We publish recent research results in the blog content of our homepage, as well as on the DiaVitas Programme Facebook page. These articles are available for everyone. The results of new discoveries will be shared with the wider public within the framework of our free events, where our physician experts will introduce the importance and the significance of customised healing solutions.

DiaVitas Specialist treatment (consultation and screening tests) and the DiaVitas Lifestyle Programme are premium services which are provided for a fee. Within the framework of these, we draw conclusions regarding the composition of gut flora with the help of medical and laboratory tests, defining the insulin level and gut flora. We also provide customised and targeted help – in addition to an appropriate diet, an optimal training programme or perhaps the application of medication – in order to change the composition of bacteria. We then follow up and monitor the resulting processes.

“Previously we only suggested one lose weight and do sports regularly, because these led to positive changes. But we did not know where and how this change took place in the human body. It is a recent, revolutionary scientific discovery in the latest research that this change happens in the composition of intestinal bacteria. To describe it in a simpler way: maleficent intestinal bacteria are responsible for obesity and the resulting diabetic diseases” –summarised Dr. István Barna, head of the Scientific Consultancy Organisation of the DiaVitas Programme.

Dr Schwab Richard

Dr. Schwab Richárd

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Dr. Barna István

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