Physical activity, sports

We can also influence the balance of intestinal bacteria living in our bodies with physical activity and sports, so regular exercise is of key importance. Regular sports activity has an impact on our feeling of hunger, and thereby influences our eating habits. In addition, sports help us live a long life and stay healthy for as long as possible.


Physical activity is of key importance in the prevention of adverse reactions to diseases emerging due to obesity and being overweight (cardiac infarction, cardiovascular diseases and stroke). Furthermore, regular sport activities have several other advantages. They support body weight control, decrease blood pressure, positively effect blood sugar levels, blood cholesterol and blood fat, decrease the fatdeposing on the abdomen, and enhance one’s mood.

The DiaVitas Programme sport expert helps everybody find the most appropriate type of exercise for themselves. Our colleague guarantees expertise and supervision for those who have previously never done any sports activities at all, or have not exercised for a long time. It is important that those who have not been active lately in the fields of sports should only begin burdening their body gradually during physical activity. In this way, they can avoid injuries due to overload and developing improper exercise habits.