Medical care

Recent scientific researches established that obesity and poor health conditions related to being overweight are caused by so-called maleficent intestinal bacteria. Medical care has an important role in the screening of the diseases related to extra kilogrammes and also in the prevention of the development of adverse reactions.


In the event of obesity, one of the most common diseases is insulin resistance, which develops into diabetes type 2, bowel problems, high blood pressure, and renal insufficiency. The risk of cardiovascular disease also increases.

During specialist consultation we examine the current health condition of our patients, and after setting up a diagnosis we suggest customised healing solutions.

For patients who participate in medical care, we ensure specialist consultations and control examinations, then follow up and monitor any changes in the condition.

DiaVitas specialist tests:

  • Glucose tolerance test in the laboratory (determination of blood sugar and insulin level)
  • Internal medicine and diabetology specialist test and consultation
  • Intestinal bacteria test and analysis
  • Ophthalmology, sight testing
  • Neuropathy (nerve damage)
  • Heart ultrasound
  • ECG tolerance test
  • Evaluation by a physician, establishing a diagnosis