Obesity is caused by bacteria

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According to a recent scientific discovery, which was proven globally with comprehensive research, obesity, along with insulin resistance and diabetes, which evolve due to overweight, are caused by maleficentintestinal bacteria. Learn more >>

The problem

The word microbiota represents an ensemble of microorganisms that resides in a previously established environment. Human beings have clusters of bacteria in different parts of the body, such as in the surface or deep layers of skin (skin microbiota), the mouth (oral microbiota), the vagina (vaginal microbiota), and so on. Learn more >>

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    Medical care

    Recent scientific researches established that obesity and poor health conditions related to being overweight are caused by so-called maleficent intestinal bacteria. Medical care has an important role in the screening of the diseases related to extra kilogrammes and also in the prevention of the development of adverse reactions. Learn more >>

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    Healthy diet

    Everything we eat and drink affects the composition of intestinal bacteria living in our body, and thus the operation of our bodies. With an appropriate or even inappropriate diet, we influence the sensitive balance of bacteria living in our guts. Learn more >>

  • Physical activity, sports

    We can also influence the balance of intestinal bacteria living in our bodies with physical activity and sports, so regular exercise is of key importance. Regular sports activity has an impact on our feeling of hunger, and thereby influences our eating habits. In addition, sports help us live a long life and stay healthy for as long as possible. Learn more >>


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Consultation with a specialist

Our clients can consult our specialist individually, who will arrange a precise diagnosis of the disease, and suggests a customised healing method, or further screening tests.

Genomic faecal test 

A genomic faecal test is available now at our specialist visit.

During the test, we determine the individual cross-section of the bacteria strain living in the gut, as a result of which a relationship can be detected between the current condition of the gut flora and certain metabolic diseases, such as obesity and type-2 diabetes. Learn more >>


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